We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America led by Pastor Linda Nou

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Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place in congregations that use the Stephen Series system.

Stephen Ministry congregations equip and empower lay caregivers—called Stephen Ministers—to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting.

At Immanuel Lutheran, a lot of progress has been made in training our lay caregivers. Pastor Linda, Charla, and Scott have just one more teaching session. Dan J., Bonnie C., Fred D., JC H., Rilla E. and Debi W. will be commissioned on September 29th at the 10:00 AM service, and ready to begin their ministry as Stephen Ministers. Training has included 50+ hours of in-class work, reading and discussion preparing these Stephen Ministers for service.

These six candidates have taken on a huge commitment of service. Please support them in prayer and praise. And, perhaps you can identify a person or two in need. Who do you know that could benefit from the care a Stephen Minister can provide? Contact Pastor Linda or Charla.

Neighborhood Garden News

It’s Harvet Time!

On Saturday, September 7th there was a very healthy harvest. Check this…

Garden Harvest.JPG

Deliveries were made to the Gather Church kitchen on Main Street. Thanks to our dedicated team for their hard work.

There is more to be harvested, so keep your eyes on the garden and watch God’s hand at work, creating a bounty for those that need it.

Health & Hope

Tuesday, September 24th is our next date to provide dinner for those who volunteer their time to serve the patients of this ministry. There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex. We are providing sandwiches this month for their dinner. Thank you to the many who routinely provide dinner for these volunteers.

Bible Study

Immanuel Luthern has two options, both at our church - 1209 Scheuber Rd N.:

  1. Tuesday Night Bible Study— At 6:30 PM in the Coffee House inside the church.

  2. Thursday Morning Bible Study— At 10:00 AM in the chuch Conerence Room.

If you want to experience a deeper relationship with the Lord and a better understanding of the Word, this is a great place to start. All are welcome!

God’s Work. Our Hands.

In Action

Sunday, September 1st was a day of service for Immanual. Here is a sampling of photos taken while the Immanuel team were hard at work cleaning up a portion of the cemetary. Thank you to all who commited their hands for God’s work.

Season of Listening

We have concluded our “Season of Listening.”  The goal was to get your prospective on the future of our church. We all know change is coming.

The Redevelopment team interviewed 40 different congregants. We want to thank all who have participated. Your responses are being analyzed and a report developed that will be presented to council, and ultimately to you, our congregation.  


  • GATHER as one in Christ

  • GROW in Grace

  • GIVE of ourselves to God’s Mission


  • Rooted in Prayer

  • Led by the Spirit

  • Responding to Needs

  • Welcoming All

  • Giving Gladly

  • Loving Laughter.

 HIGHLIGHTS from September’s newsletter

Pastor Linda’s September Letter

Here is a quote from Tom Watson Jr., Founder and former CEO of IBM. -

“This is my thesis,I beleive firmly that any organization, in order to achieve success, must have a sound set of beliefs on which it premises all its policies and actions.

Next, I believe that the most important single factor in corporate success is faithful adherence to those beliefs.

And finally, I believe that if an organization is to meet the challenges of a changing world, it must be prepared to change everything about itself except those beliefs.”

While this was written many years ago and primarily for the business world, it is exceedingly relevant for the church today.

We have invested a lot of energy honing and refining our purpose and core values as a congregation. Each of us should be able to state them clearly, internalize them so they become our own, and then live them out.

I am fully aware that some of you want things to stay just as they are. You like seeing your friends in worship and other gatherings. You are comfortable with what is known. We are all human. I am the same way. However, we are being called into a new venture of faith.

The church is changing. It must. At this stage, we are the church for those yet to come.

It is my prayer that while some of you may not like change, you will be willing to support those who are moving forward. I am often reminded by a 90+ year old former member who said, “The style of worship isn’t what i personally like, but if it serves the needs of those seeking to know God, I’m all for it.”

May we have open hearts to the future as it unfolds.


Narrative Lectionary

Starting on September 8th, we will begin year 2 of the narrative lectionary. We will start in the Garden of Eden and weave our way through Old Testament stories until Advent. From Advent until May, we will walk through the life of Jesus using the gospel of Mark as our reference.

Since the whole of the Biblical story is vital to our understanding of who God is and how God has worked throughout history, we will take the fall season to look at many familiar and not so familiar stories of the Old Testament.

I am including daily Bible readings to enhance your devotional time.

Sept 8 Genesis 2:4b-25, The Garden of Eden

Sept 9 Genesis 1:1-4a, First Creation Story

Sept 10 Genesis 3:1-24, Sin and Punishment

Sept 11 Genesis 4:1-16, Cain and Abel

Sept 12 Genesis 4:17-26, Beginnings of Civilization

Sept 13 Genesis 6:1-8, Human Wickedness

Sept 14 Genesis 6:9-22, Noah Pleases God

Sept 15 Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7, Isaac Born to Sarah

Sept 16 Genesis 16:1-16, The Birth of Ishmael

Sept 17 Genesis 17:1-27, God’s Covenant with Abraham

Sept 18 Genesis 21:1-21, The Birth of Isaac

Sept 19 Genesis 24:1-67, The Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah

Sept 20 Genesis 25:19-24, The Birth of Esau and Jacob

Sept 21 Genesis 27:1-46, Isaac Blesses Jacob

Sept 22 Genesis 32:22-30, Jacob Wrestles God

Sept 23 Genesis 32:3-21, Jacob Sends Gifts to Esau

Sept 24 Genesis 33:1-20, Jacob and Esau Meet

Sept 25  Genesis 37:1-11, Jacob’s Son, Joseph

Sept 26 Genesis 37:12-36, Joseph is Sold by His Brothers

Sept 27 Genesis 41:37-57, Joseph’s Rise to Power

Sept 28 Genesis 46:1-27, Joseph Brings the Israelites to Egypt

Sept 29 Exodus 1:8-14, Moses & God's Name

Sept 30 Exodus 7:14-8:15, First Two Plagues

If you are interested, copies of a listing of the entire year’s scripture readings will be available for you to pick up by the beginning of September.

Our Pastor Linda had a one-in-a-million chance encounter in a redwood forest of Northern California. They are the same group of “Bike the US for MS” riders who spent the night in our church as they rode south through Centralia. “Bike the US” are teams rasiing money to reach their goal of a world free from MS.

Our Pastor Linda had a one-in-a-million chance encounter in a redwood forest of Northern California. They are the same group of “Bike the US for MS” riders who spent the night in our church as they rode south through Centralia. “Bike the US” are teams rasiing money to reach their goal of a world free from MS.

 Important News for men

Your health is God’s gift. Make it your priority to manage it. Education is the key. For your own good and the good of your male loved ones, take advantage of this.

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