We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America led by Pastor Linda Nou

A letter from the Pastor

Pastor Linda Nou, Immanuel Lutheran Church in Centralia, WA

Are you looking for a place to belong? A place that will accept you as you are with all your questions, doubts, and will walk with you on a journey of discovery? Are you looking for a place you can make a difference; a place where your input is important and your actions can change lives?

Immanuel is such a place. While deeply rooted in Christ and the faith of our ancestors, we seek to discover how God is active and working in lives today. Knowing that God embraces all with love, we seek to welcome all and provide a place of care for you.

You matter. You have so much to share for the greater good. You are invited to partner in this adventure of growing in grace and giving of yourself for God’s mission.

We’ll look forward to seeing you soon!


Pr. Linda Nou


Need a ride?

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